Critter Crops Press Kit

Critter Crops | Press Kit


SkyReach Studios
Based in Austin, TX
rpg / farming sim / isometric / adventure


Cultivate cute critters, restore a mysterious island, welcome the unwelcomed, and uncover your power as a newfound witch.


Sylvie is a young witch, banished from home for her magic. A mysterious letter brings her to Mur Mur Town, an abandoned, spooky place where a bountiful life awaits her! Grow magical crops, unlock the mysteries of Mutter Island, and build a new home for an aspiring witch and her friends!


Critter Crops began as a senior project that blossomed into a full blown game after a surprising amount of community support.

An updated demo will be free to play for content creators soon!


  • Plant crops that grow into magical Halloween themed critters that aid you along your journey to uncover your past and the mystery surrounding your new home on Mutter Island. Meet outcasts looking to find refuge from the Otherworld and befriend them, offering them a home on your island.





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AT&T Unlocked Games Finalist
AT&T Unlocked Games, 2022

About SkyReach Studios

SkyReach Studio is a women led studio started by Crystal Sciarrino. She started the studio as a solo dev and has since brought on the help of an animator, composer, and community manager. Crystal is a full time mom, software developer, game developer, and all around awesome human being! SkyReach Studio hopes to be an inspiration to other female developers, as well as young girls who share a love for game development.

About Freedom Games

Launched in 2020, Freedom Games was founded by Donovan Duncan and Ben Robinson, both industry veterans in video games and media. Lifelong gamers, they built Freedom Games with a single vision: to provide support to independent developers where it was most needed and help them bring unique games to life. Freedom Games is built on the idea of partnership. We are here to support developers by getting their game in front of new players, and we’re here to help players by bringing awesome gaming experiences to life. Staffed by a team of avid gamers with collective decades of games industry experience, Freedom Games is here to help developers make their games a reality for players around the world. This isn’t our job, it’s our passion.

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