SkyReach Studio was founded officially in August of 2021. The studio became a light paving the way to a larger dream for its founder, and soon grew into a team effort attempting to reach the stars. Team SkyReach dreams of making games that will touch peoples hearts and resonate with their lives in a fantastical way.

We are currently developing the farming adventure RPG, Critter Crops

Critter Crops

The spooky Halloween themed, isometric hand drawn adventure farming RPG!

Meet Team SkyReach


Founder | Sole Developer

Crystal is the founder and mastermind behind the studio. It was her dream that brought the studio and its members together.


Social Media and marketing manager

Charmaine is the magic that defines the community that SkyReach has built.


Project Manager

Michael is the guy that keeps us dreamers grounded. He ensures operations go as needed and according to timelines and plans!


2D animator

Tea is the magician that makes the moving visuals in our games stand out and give the personality that makes things special!