Character Designer/Concept Artist

SkyReach is preparing concepts for an unannounced title and needs a creative and talented artist to take on the role of designing and concepting our characters meant to go to prototype. You will be working directly with the game designer and will be an integral part in paving the way on the artistic direction for the title.

What’s the job?

Create inspiring concept art and character designs to bring the game world to life!

Required skills

  • Mastery of illustration techniques (concept art, sketches, theory of color, of image composition, of light…) ;
  • Expert in Photoshop, Painter, or any other digital drawing software ;
  • Ability to conceptualize in a realistic / semi-realistic style, a character, or creature from the first phases of concept to the realization of final illustrations ;
  • Creative, motivated and diligent, you are able to visually communicate your ideas and to assimilate a constructive feedback, working under the direction of our Art Directors ;
  • Ability to respect a predefined visual chart, to develop and enrich it, while exploring new directions ;
  • Ability to work in a multidisciplinary artistic environment and meet production deadlines ;
  • Solid knowledge of visual and graphic trends (movies, web, games …) ;


At SkyReach we pride ourselves on giving new talent the opportunities to help them reach their dreams. That is why we never require a certain amount of experience. We want your talent and craft to be the spokesperson for your capabilities, not your years in industry! Prove to us you have the talent with your great portfolio!